This past Friday was our first early release day. These days are opportunities for teachers to come together for professional learning and growth. We value these moments together to learn. I believe every teacher would agree that we sometimes are even more exhausted after these days than a regular day. But I also know we are also often full of new ideas. It is wonderful to connect as a faculty as learners.

This past Friday we journeyed with our International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme content. For the past few years, some of the topics we have focused on at early release days were learning and building understanding of Common Core and working intently on navigating the Read to Achieve legislation. This past year we have journeyed into the learning of Conscious Discipline.  This coming year we are taking the time to build on our knowledge of our magnet theme. The IB PYP is a continual model of reflection and a process that we view our instruction and work with students.

Our team of teachers enjoyed the opportunity to build our working knowledge of the many parts that it includes. We laughed and performed and taught each other. We came together as students. We identified ourselves with the different learner profile components.

I am excited to see the work that our team of teachers are diving into this year. I appreciate the leadership of the teachers who are leading us. I am thankful that our teachers see the joy in learning. We continue to grow and improve. And working with an incredible group of educators that believe that growth is always an option is a gift for Joyner.

We are so appreciative of the time that we are given on early release days to continue our professional growth. Through these opportunities, we believe our students will reap the rewards as well!