This past weekend, I finished my summer reading pile. What a great time I had catching up on the list of books I had hoped to get to these last couple of months. I now have found myself in search of a new book and, even more, found myself having book conversations with different people. I enjoy hearing books that they have read and look for new titles to try.
Having all of this book talk is a great way to model for our children that reading is a part of life. It can be something fun. It can be a way to connect as well. My children hear about the conversations I have about books with my friends. I also talk with my children about the books they are reading.
My kindergarten child is starting to see the words leaping from the page. It is an exciting moment to have him see this new world he is joining, the world of readers. He is excited to carry proudly his book from the library under his arm. I know it is important to encourage that pride, celebrate it and recognize his desire to show it off.
We sit and read together. I talk about books. I share my joy of story.
I encourage you this year to make yourself a model of being a reader. Remember to talk about those moments you read. I know I have mentioned before, but remind them of the reading you do when you check the news online or sit with a magazine. But I especially encourage you to share the joy. Welcome your child into this reading world. Let words play in their minds and fall from their lips. Listen to their stories they create. And encourage them to get those stories down on paper whether through words or pictures.
You never know how far your excitement might encourage that little budding reader in your world. And let this be a year to enjoy reading!