I noticed this morning that the children’s hugs lasted a little longer. Children wandered the halls to visit their other teachers. Parents stopped a bit longer to connect and talk. It is the last day of school at Joyner. And the family is all heading off to some time in their own homes and places. Some of the family is leaving us to move forward in life into middle school.

Yesterday when I spoke with our fifth graders, I emphatically reminded them they will always be connected to Joyner. Just as with family, they will always be welcomed to come back. We want to hear their stories and their joys and experiences. We are so ready to hear where they go and all they will succeed in.

We all feel a little melancholy to say goodbye to a class that have build strong community and relationship with. And we are excited of upcoming new experiences.

And then we have the Staff vs 5th grade Kick ball game. This is a fun way to celebrate and just have a fun family outing. The teachers laugh and act silly. The kids cheer for everyone. The fifth graders want to leave one last mark on the school. It is a great time to laugh and enjoy our last moments together for the school year.

Thank you children for bringing the joy to Joyner. Thank you parents for supporting our learning and growing. Thank you teachers for creating a loving and welcoming environment for us all to live in each day.

Have a wonderful summer!