Some of you might have seen my tweet last night after I came in from a walk. I stopped in my tracks because my eye caught a lightning bug. This couldn’t be! It is just early May! But sure enough, off that bug blinked again at me! All day yesterday I felt that summer heat. I smelled that little sweaty kid smell from children coming off the playground. I noticed the shorts and sundresses were in full swing! Even the lightning bugs were trying to tell me summertime was here.

But I will go on the record to say that we still have four weeks of learning to go at the JYJ. We haven’t shut down. I continue to walk through the building and hear incredible teaching. Measurement is all over in math. I cannot tell you how many times I heard about centimeters and inches in the same breath. I have watched our youngest students to our oldest researching and talking text features in their books. I have been able to sit in presentations and skits about scientific facts. Books are getting published. Books are being read. Art is at its amazing production stage. We are still whirling in our learning.

So I ask you to please be careful to not let the fireflies outside woo you. The break is on its way, but keep your children focused on their math, research, reading and all. Go and play in that sunshine but call the kids in to bed at their normal time. Enjoy watering the flowers together but also remind your child that school is tomorrow.

Let’s enjoy our learning together this school year and put off summer just a little bit longer. At least until June 12th!