This morning our hallways began to build with energy as the day was starting. Parents started to congregate in our foyer connecting and talking, even more than usual. And as the 8:30 bell rang, the rest of our students started coming into the hallway to line up. And within 5 minutes proud third graders began to walk through the hallways displaying their biography research. Children cheered. Parents proudly snapped photos. And for a few minutes we started our day together with a wonderful feeling. By 8:45, students were back in class learning and teachers teaching.
What can happen in just a few minutes with a parade at Joyner makes an impact on our community and our students that touches them for much longer. A parade is a way for students to have an opportunity to celebrate learning. They show off a talent. Portray a new idea. Capture a concept in a creative way. It is an opportunity to culminate a unit outwardly to the rest of the school.
A parade allows our younger students to see a role model to aspire to. They see what is to come and get excited. They love to see the older students.
A parade allows our older students to learn to celebrate kids of every age. They remember their moments walking the JYJ halls at different ages. They connect to the learning on a similar subject not so many years ago.
Teachers see former students and call out their names. Students see their siblings with pride. And parents have the opportunity to join in our learning fun and see their children in their school environment.
We, as a community, come together to build in each other this relationship of support. These moments are important to who we are as a Joyner family community.
At Joyner, I am so glad that we will take these important moments to celebrate our students. Allowing them to perform. Allowing them to share learning. Allowing them to connect as a larger part of the school beyond their classroom and grade level.