The last few days I have found myself out and about and running into Joyner families. I love the idea that there are so many of you that I have the opportunity to experience some of life outside of the building walls. Tonight in fact I ran into not only a JYJ family but a former Joyner mom. It was so much fun to catch up and to connect.
These opportunities to run into the students gives the students the opportunity to see me in a bit of a different light. Often I have my family with me so my kids see me as someone other than mom. My students look at me with a curious eye as my youngest usually starts to wrap around my leg with a bit of shyness. I might even appear human to them.
My worlds connect and I love it.
Tomorrow night is the Night of Nonsense. This is a fun event that our JYJ Family comes together to laugh. Teachers have been laughing down the halls as they plan their performance. Ideas are swapped. And anticipation for some of us that just aren’t performers rises.
I am looking forward to our students having another opportunity to see their teachers a bit more human. We are out of the classroom mode. We are not in charge. We aren’t watching their every move. At the Night of Nonsense, our children are watching our moves. Our students get to see us let down our hair. And we all together will laugh.
And the laughter will be welcomed and received with gratitude.
We do this night as a thank you to our JYJ family support. We hope you enjoy and we hope you forgive some of our craziness. We are only human!