Spring break was fabulous and hopefully a wonderful time to rest and enjoy our family together time. Now we are looking at our last quarter of the school year. Warmer weather has finally crept in. The pollen is blowing outside my office window even as I write. I find it more difficult to bring my own children inside in the evenings from wanting to play outside. Spring sports are kicking up to high gear. The sun shines a little longer at night. All that being said, we have some distractions that will start to try to trip up our last quarter of learning.
As I have met with the teams this week, we have talked about how we can maintain that focus for our students to learning. This is our critical time. We have taught a lot and students have learned. And now students have to start manipulating that content even further. Final assessments will begin mid-May. This is that time to show off all that they know. The work will be more complex as they are using their new knowledge.
So I encourage you to keep maintaining those expectations of reading each night. Hit the pillow at a good time. Keep those structures that you know are successful for completing homework. And when you hit that front yard to play, think about ways to support their learning. Talk about what they see and hear, building vocabulary and description. Encourage them to write about it. Ask what they know about the science of spring. Even playing outside are opportunities for students to show off what they know and encourage critical questions about the world around them.
Enjoy those flowers and keep on learning! Happy Spring and let us enjoy our final fourth of the school year together!