One of those favorite days at Joyner is tomorrow, Science Go Round Day. A PTA committee of committed parents coordinate with local scientists, university students and environmental educators to create a day full of hands on science for our students. Content is differentiated for each grade level that aligns with the Essential Standards. Students move around the building for science presentations and fun. Our students become active learners and are highly engaged to see learning of content they have experienced through the year turn to real life.
I am amazed by the effort our team of parents put into creating such an incredible day. Our staff looks forward to this day almost as much as the kids. We found that holding it a little later into the spring, our students are even more highly motivated as they have learned the majority of the content that comes up in the presentations. Students will have their hands on the learning all day.
This year, we have the privilege to participate in the We Plant It Forward organization. Our third grade students will prepare seedlings that every student and staff member will then bring home. Our teachers are sharing this program with the students. I will share with parents that the tree seedling is coming. I encourage everyone to find a home for this plant. If you don’t have space in your own yard, find a friend to plant it forward! One step at a time, we can create a better environment for our children’s future.
At the end of tomorrow, our students will be filled with new ideas and experiences. They will have plenty to share. They might even have funny stories about an animal or two. And my hope for them as well is that they understand that they have a community at Joyner that wants amazing things for them. Our PTA creates activities like Science Go Round to enrich their learning, support the instruction in the classroom and continue to build real life experiences. What an amazing opportunity for our children to have this much love and support around them to learn! Thank you to our parents who work many, many hours for coordinating this event. Thank you to those that join our school on this day to celebrate science!
Have fun tomorrow!