I walk around my house and I have noticed that there is NOT a room that does not include a book. We have books of every shape, size and genre. We even have book posters signed by authors hanging up! Some might even say that my family has a book problem!
Reading has been the gift that our family treasures and values. Friends know that is the best gift to give us. We are so lucky that we have been able to find ways to bring literature into our home as my children grow.
And I know that we are lucky. I know the challenge it can be to invest in those words on a page. I remember my first board book I bought and my jaw dropped at the price I would pay for my baby to chew and read!
I firmly believe that every home should have the gift of books. I believe that we should share this gift with as many children as possible. I love the joy that I get in reading with children. I find any opportunity that I can to share a new story. I love to visit old characters from my childhood and explore new ones introduced to me by our students.
This month our staff has challenged our families to join in the efforts of Wake Up and Read to gather books for all children. We want to share the gift of reading to as many children and families that we can.
I have been so proud and humbled by the response of our children as they brought literacy to share.
We are half way there. Our goal was 2,000. We really want to break through that goal and fly higher. We, as a staff, know how open our children and families are to helping others. I want to thank everyone for your support.
And I also firmly believe that it is not just the motivation of seeing me in a chicken/rooster costume next Friday that motivates everyone! But if it does, Cock-a-doodle for Reading!