This past Sunday afternoon was beautiful. The weather shined warmly down on Joyner. And hundreds of children, families and community members stood together ready to run JYJ’s third annual 5K. Many more stood ready to cheer every child and passing runner and walker. I could fill so many blog posts of individual stories and celebrations from this day.
But let me share one now of three young men, fourth graders and best friends. These are gentlemen  who have made this 5k a part of their brotherhood. They stood ready at the starting line ready to sprint. I remembered their blur last year as they passed me as they made their way back while I felt like I was still starting. From the outsider’s perspective, you would guess that these boys were ready to compete with each other. 
But instead these fast young lads sprinted off together. Throughout the race, they kept their eyes on each other to make sure they were together. When one needed to slow for a moment, the others slowed. They kept each other going. And they were fast. Again, a blur past me!
The beautiful moment finished when they eyed each other as they came to the finish line. They made sure their steps were in sync to cover that line together, as a trio, as a team.
Beautiful moment, snap!
As their grade level winner was about to be announced, a parent approached me to be certain I understood what had happened. These young men wanted to step on the outside stage together, as a team. They wanted to be certain that it was all three together that finished together.
The Joyner 5K holds such a special place in my heart. It is in a story like this that tells the power of this day. We come together as a community and a family to celebrate life. Healthy living! 
Thank you to everyone who made Sunday and the build up to it possible. Thank you to our kids, who get it. Thank you to these three young men, who make me so proud to be your principal.