This week we once again navigated another act of nature that caused our normally smooth schedule to change. As soon as we heard the call to dismiss early on Monday, our teachers quickly acted. We called, emailed, tweeted and sent the message out. What was even more amazing to me was that as I walked around that last half hour of school, I saw learning and teaching. First graders sat with their book boxes engaged in their Daily 5 Literacy activities. Third grade students were discussing text with their teachers. How amazing that we have learned to keep moving.

Parents came to pick up their children. Instead of expressing frustration, they shared their funny and not so funny stories from the last storm. Even as they navigated their own work schedules to respond to the weather, they rolled with it and had smiles on their faces as they gathered their children to get home safely. Within a short time of dismissal, our children were on their way home. Our staff wrapped up their day. We had once again made the unconventional day run smoothly.

I continue to be amazed with our students and staff as life throws surprises. This morning on our return to school, we participated in the state-wide Severe Weather Drill. Our students listened quietly to the directions of their teachers for what to do to remain safe in case of emergencies. The entire building moved quickly and quietly to their safe locations and waited for the all clear. As Ms. Taylor and I moved through the building to monitor, we were so pleased at our student and faculty focus on the event. Even after two days of out of the norm schedules, we had a successful drill.

The rest of our day ran smoothly as we tucked right back into school and learning. We did what we do best each day. And I am so thankful to our students who listen and trust their teachers to keep them safe. I am so thankful to our teachers who remain calm and assure our students. Life throws many curve balls and these last few weeks with the weather, we sure have learned some strategies on how to navigate them and keep rolling!