Yesterday our students were given the gift of a visit of an author, Mike Artell. Ms. Hale, our media specialist, helped to coordinate this amazing event for our students. I walked into the library/media center in the afternoon. I witnessed our students joyfully sharing their drawings with the author. They shared with me their books signed. There was a buzz of excitement about meeting an actual author. I saw budding writers skip off inspired.

As I left, I reflected on the work that Ms. Hale put into creating such an amazing day. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to invite authors to our school. Our PTA supports this event for our children. But I also want to celebrate the work that Ms. Hale does daily at Joyner.

As you might have figured out about me, I LOVE books. I LOVE reading. Stop me anytime and I can tell you the current book I am reading or books. I want to know what you are reading. I believe that our library/media center is the heart of Joyner in many ways. Our children access books daily. There is a constant stream of students going in and out all day. Just as the heart pumps the blood to the rest of the body, there are books and words and stories moving in and out of the media center to the rest of the school.

I can walk into our media center at any point of the day and find small groups discussing books. There are students accessing research at the computer. There might be a parent group meeting or teacher group. Book clubs meet. There is constant movement. And Ms. Hale and Ms. Ward are like the bees moving around the space helping, answering questions, directing and guiding. I am amazed at how this space functions, and I am so thankful for our media specialist for making this atmosphere so warm and welcoming.

Ms. Hale welcomes all of us as she wants everyone to feel her space is our space. I am so grateful to her for that. I am so glad that our students have this space as a part of their Joyner world.

The next time you stop by Joyner, be sure to swing by and say thank you to Ms. Hale and Ms. Ward. And maybe ask for  a book suggestion and watch their eyes pop with delight to talk about one of their favorite topics too.