One of the many strategies our School Improvement Team suggested to the staff this year was the gift of each other. As many of you may know, the talent in this building is tremendous. We have many opportunities to meet with each other as a grade team during planning and Professional Learning Teams. During professional development opportunities, we sit together as a larger group learning and growing from each other. But the one thing we often cannot do is go see each other in action. We are so busy in our own classrooms and struggle giving up the precious time with our own students to become a student ourselves. One of the ways I have offered to provide this opportunity for the teachers is to teach their class while they can go visit.

This morning I was given that gift. Because yes for me, it is a gift to have the opportunity to practice my skills as a teacher. Plus it is my joy to be with our students and engage them in learning in this unique way. Watching our children in action in the process is fantastic. So today I was working with fourth graders in math. We were in the thick of function machines. After reminding myself of this algebraic thinking, I jumped in. What fun I had working with the different learners. I enjoyed seeing the multiple ways students were understanding and discovering.

I also had the opportunity to work with the Promethean board. I never had the gift of such an amazing tool when I was in the classroom. I have watched our teachers and students use this with fluidity and practice. After a few pointers from the students, we jumped in.

Last night, our PTA board discussed investment of funds raised. The board decided to continue with making an investment in our students and teachers in replacing some of the Promethean boards that no longer function. I am so grateful for the support our PTA has given to allow our teachers to have the tools they have come to use as another arm in the classroom.  And how lucky for me to be able to put my hands on one in my own teaching the very next day.

As I walked out of math this morning, I had the teacher happiness that we get when a lesson was filled with energy. I look forward to many more opportunities to be a part of the learning and teaching throughout Joyner. I am thankful for our parents who support us with tools in our quest for learning for our students.  And I am again reminded of the INCREDIBLE work that our teachers do every day all day for our students!