What a packed week this has been! I am not sure if it is because we have tried to put last week and this week together… but it is Wednesday evening and I finally am sitting down to write. As I reflect on this week so far, I consider how our days at school are full of so many moments, some challenges, some celebrations and everything else along the way.

I have the privilege of moving throughout the school building each day. I see, hear and experience so much. I have amazing encounters in the hallways with students who are working quietly or in small groups in all of the corners of Joyner. I enjoy sitting at the back with a student in a class listening to a review. I snickered yesterday as I sat next to a fifth grader who had some clever comment as a response to hearing about an approaching quiz. He started to ask me what my thoughts were on quizzes. Earlier that same morning I had folded myself into a Pre K chair to watch our youngest explore with blocks and glue creating art. The explanation they gave me was impressive. I jumped then to answering questions and talking with some third grade parents in regards to what they are hearing about Read to Achieve.  I then am able to sit with a grade level’s professional learning team meeting and am blown away in the conversation about instruction. And oh, I sat in a class as they wrote their response to a powerful video clip that their teacher just shared. The enlightened conversation that can only come from young minds ensued.

Yes, all of that and more happened in one day. And that is my joy as I work in such an amazing school. The work we do at a school is busy and full. The work we do is full of passion and excitement. The work that we do is never-ending. And the work that we do has meaning in the lives of children and each other.