Last night I was a part of the refresh club as I watched Wake County Public School’s twitter feed. Looking for news about the snow day today, I enjoyed the banter that has become a part of the weather watch for the winter on Twitter. There might be debate when it comes to the “#sassy”-ness of our Wake County Public Schools’ Twitter feed. But what I witnessed last night was that our students were interacting with their school system. I watched videos that Wake students made performing music about snow days. I enjoyed seeing messages in snow. And I was encouraged. These kids were “playing” and interacting with their school system!

The power of play is something that is necessary to us all. Amazingly, playtime is a boost for our brains. Allowing laughter and fun be a part of our lives helps us all to grow. As we all sit at home today while the snow hopefully melts outside, I hope that everyone finds ways to do some playing with their kids.

I bundled my two up this morning and the family took off for the snow. We were outside playing and laughing. We mapped out our sled runs. We discussed where might be the best hills in our neighborhood, debated how far we would be willing to walk. We encouraged each other to be brave and try different challenges. What a fun morning we have had. I enjoyed walking through our neighborhood seeing so many families doing the same thing.

My heart smiled to think of Joyner students and families all over Wake County right now hopefully finding some joy in the snow. Whether you are using pizza boxes, plastic box tops, sleds or boogie boards, I hope everyone has found a way to “slide” in some memories today. And while everyone is playing, the memories and stories we have made build our brains and our capacity.