As a leader of an elementary school, I often find myself declaring first and foremost safety. I want our children to be welcomed and feel at home. I want them to be able to focus on the learning they are experiencing and the joy of being at Joyner. As we learn in our Conscious Discipline training as well, children must first feel safe. This feeling of safety comes from knowing and understanding the procedures, the schedule for the day and what to expect.

We have added many features to our facilities to ensure safety as well. We constantly reflect and review our plans. We collaborate with safety officials. We listen to parents’ feedback. The staff attends training to maintain a safe and secure environment.

I believe that keeping our children safe is a part of a community effort. I am so thankful to our parents who follow the rules of the road as they drive around the school. I am so thankful to the parents who drive extra slowly knowing our children don’t always pay attention as they walk across the street. I am so thankful to all that have learned the procedures of our arrival and dismissal to school.

I encourage parents to continue to identify themselves when they come to volunteer or stop by the school. It is so important that each time a parent signs in at the office, they receive a visitor’s badge and wear it at all times in the building. So many of you are familiar faces, but it still builds a sense of security when you wear your identification.

Thank you community, for helping ensure that our children can focus on what counts, learning and being children. And thank you for your efforts in building a safe community in and around Joyner.