Kindergarten registration opened for Wake County Public Schools on Monday. This is always a significant date on my calendar, but this year it is even more. My young one is a part of that Class of 2027. He and his father brought the completed registration packet into school yesterday. His father very proudly watched as he spoke with the data manager registering him and even shared his excitement. Next year seems so far away, but this first step starts to turn our hearts and minds towards the next step in life.

It is an exciting time in a little one’s life. And it is an exciting time for the parents. I have talked to many parents these last few months as they prepare to make possible magnet or calendar selections. I share in the excitement and nerves. I understand that wonder if your child is ready. How can this little 4 turning 5-year-old be big enough? All these other kids are so BIG!

I can tell you that it will be amazing. I am so happy that my son will share the joy of learning with other children. I cannot wait for him to fall in love with his teachers. I will swallow my pride as I no longer am the expert but his teacher is. I look forward to watching those words begin to jump off the page as he builds his reading skills. And I know how fast all of this is going to happen.

I watched my fifth graders come in this morning to school. Full of confidence, they walk the halls of their school as it is their home. It will happen before I blink my eyes that my son will be one of those big fifth graders. And so I plan to enjoy each moment as much as I can. As I march with my youngest towards his new journey and as I celebrate my 700 plus kids at Joyner each day, I want to savor it all.