My week has started with sniffles. Quickly I have pulled out all my home remedies, humidifier included! I re-read all the advice I have been given by our school nurse. And I am reminded that it is that time of year that when we start to pile on too much, our bodies tell us to stop!

So I have been given a good reminder that I am passing along to you. Help your children get to bed at a decent time still. Remind them to wash their hands often! Make sure healthy food is a part of their diets. And give them opportunities to play and exercise. And I am trying to do the same!

I encourage everyone to remind their children of those simple healthy manner rules when they sneeze and cough. And when your child is sick, please remember to keep them home until they are fever free.

The winter cold may hover, but I truly believe in these simple tips that help it to disappear soon. I wish everyone a healthy December!