I have recently been reading 27 Views of Raleigh. If you are not familiar, it is a collection of stories and poetry by authors that live in Raleigh. They share different view points and perspectives. I have enjoyed the unique slices of history. As a school that has been established for nearly 60 years, I find it even more interesting to read the stories that connect to our neighborhood around us. I have enjoyed some of the selections that talk about Raleigh’s history and its present.

Earlier this year I met two women helping at our Open House. Both were delighted as they began to share their history tied to Joyner with me as former Joyner parents so happy to be welcomed back and felt completely at home.

One of the things I enjoy about Joyner is how connected it is to the community. We have families that generations have attended. We have parents who walked these halls as students themselves years ago. They bring stories. We have grandparents who taught here. Teachers who once were parents of Joyner students and loved it so much they came to teach. Because of our magnet status, we welcome families from all over Wake County who continue to build our community connection. I have always enjoyed running into Joyner families on the weekends, no matter where in Wake County I might be.

School is one of those foundational places that build community. I watch our students connecting with each other. I see friendships that are budding. I often wonder which will be the ones that will continue to grow. I am so proud of the community that we have at Joyner. I appreciate the friendships that bloom, the relationships that build and the connections that have already been made.

I am so thankful how our Joyner family continues to welcome new families and builds new friendships. I am proud of how our fifth graders welcome a new face with excitement and embrace these new students into Joyner family. Thank you to everyone who has embraced our community and supports the relationships we continue to build.

And I look forward to perhaps someday reading in a new anthology, stories written by our students about this community they have been raised in.