It is finally getting colder outside! New sports are in the air. Many of our students are transitioning into their winter mode. Recitals are coming up. Performances to tune up for. Holidays are starting to gear up as well. The temptation of snow last night was our first of many exciting days ahead for our children. I look forward into the next two months and close my eyes and just breathe! So much to anticipate and yet we must balance all of that with living in the moment right now.

I often remind myself to stay balanced in the energy that is popping. The staff has been living in transition with the new report card system and walking carefully in manipulating the system and controlling what they can. I am so proud of their professionalism through this change. We have test scores that have come out. Conversations have focused on what that data can tell us and help us to learn and grow. The expectations and requirements are loaded onto our plates. But we also know when we walk into the door in the morning, we come for the joy of children. We come to provide them the best learning. We come to take their energy and put it to use! There is a balance that we seek.

We continually look for ways to balance our work as we help teach our children to do the same. Our students have expectations from school with homework and practice and projects. They go home to many other expectations as well. It is important to remind not only ourselves but our children to stay in the present while enjoying the anticipation of what is to come. Practice those reading skills now as we look forward to the reading we will do soon!

I encourage us all to remember to stay balanced in the days ahead. We can move forward step by step and enjoy each step along the way. I encourage you to look for balance of what is ahead and what is with us now. And don’t forget to breathe!