This past weekend was our district magnet fair. It is always an incredible experience to talk about Joyner with potential families. Some of the families knew what schools they wanted to talk with while others meandered around the magnet fair listening in to other conversations or following their own path.

And very often, a parent will walk up to me and say, Tell me about Joyner. Where do I begin? First I have to smile. I truly love my school. The students and staff that walk into our building is a defining piece of our fabric. They are the multi-colored fabric. We have sown that fabric together by the creative work we do with instruction and connections with family.  I am proud of the quilt that is Joyner.

We learn about the world through the lens of the International Baccalaureate.  We express ourselves through not only the English language, our art and creativity, but also our Spanish Language program that is top-notch! And we recognize that our actions impact our community. We look for ways we can make a positive impact and allow our community to impact us. We learn and share together. We engage and question and wonder. We allow our children to ask tough questions and we allow our teachers to ask them too!

It is difficult though sometimes to put into the words the feeling I have when I walk through Joyner. The laughter that comes down the hall is electric. The student energy when working through math problems. Teachers are there every step of the way, encouraging, teaching, and allowing lessons to be learned.

At the end of talking with each parent, I encourage them to consider stopping by our school. Come walk the halls with our magnet coordinator and just feel. Enjoy seeing the learning. We look forward to hosting the many families and look forward to adding to our own family at Joyner! Welcome!