What a fun spirit week we have had at Joyner Elementary School!

I have enjoyed seeing all the colors and “looks” our students and faculty have shown as we moved through the week. This is one week of the year that the visible energy that our students and staff share is everywhere dressed in cosmetic, over-the-top form. I love that our staff jumps full feet into each day. I enjoy seeing their creativity shine as they were dressed tacky. Students were introduced to so many cultures as our teachers shown their dress from the many places they have traveled and worked. Staff tried to outdo their team spirit on Thursday. Students learned again the colleges that their teachers went to.  And today we show off our fitness energy.

And on Monday we will be back to our “normal” dress. But I truly believe that the spirit that we see this week sits in the classrooms and flows down the hallways every day at Joyner. I continually am amazed and inspired by the relationship the teachers build with the students to get them excited to learn. I say often that I have the joy of seeing the global view of Joyner. I am able to walk the halls during instruction and see and feel the energy of learning.

We might not be wearing our kilts and African dress on Monday, but the spirit of Joyner still will be there.  Thank you for helping bring the spirit of Joyner along!