Last Friday afternoon, I observed a moment in a classroom that I STILL have talked about this week. Walking into Ms. Doran’s room, students immediately grabbed my attention and took me to a bright visual on the floor. The students were asked if they wanted to paint their feet to match their individual style. The students then walked across the black sheet of paper from one end to the other. Afterward the group analyzed the different paths they took from one end to the other. The students shared how some meandered, some walked on the edge while others stomped down the middle.

Ms. Doran shared the discussion that the group had about the experience. Ms. Doran reminded the students that everyone may get to the learning differently, but they all ended up at the same point at the end in what they now know.

What a beautiful visual experience for the class! I celebrated it with a tweet out with a picture. But I also walked around the rest of the afternoon sharing the pictures with different people. I talked about how the lesson moved me. I have continued this week.

I see this example even in the classrooms that I visit. Our grade levels teams meet as Professional Learning Teams. The teams meet weekly to discuss the content and curriculum they are teaching. They share strategies with each other. They talk about the different avenues they will teach to the individual learners in their classrooms. I have the pleasure as I walk through the building to see the same content come to life in so many different ways. Each teacher adds their personality and passion. And our students come to life in many different ways as they learn.

I celebrate the many pathways we all take to learning. Even as adults, we journey in learning as well. We come to understand ourselves better as we grow and experience life. We learn what works for us and what doesn’t. I am proud that our teachers model this for our students. And through the process, our students begin to learn about themselves as well.