October is here! What? I could not believe that I changed my calendar this week to a new month. The pumpkin fields are opening for business. And my kids are starting to talk costumes for Halloween. I suppose I can say that we are settled into the groove of this year.

We have had a lot going on to start our year. By now, all that new is starting to go away. The school year is moving. Interims went home last week. Conferences are happening throughout the building. I noticed this week that we had a few more sleepy eyes on Monday morning as students entered the building. The reality of school is here.

You might notice how your child is changing. A new year brings new expectations and those expectations are kicking up. Homework might be more complicated. Books might start to be more difficult. Math is no longer a review.

This is that time to be aware of how well your child has settled into the year. Take the time to come in and have those conferences with your child’s teacher. Listen to the expectations and be sure to ask what you can do as a parent to support in the learning.

I look forward to this month of learning and encourage all families to continue to discover those ways to support in that as well!