Last week I had the opportunity to attend the informational session for our OM teams at Joyner. The media center was packed with interested people. As parents listened to information about the program and then about what it takes to become a coach, questions began to arise. The commitment initially appears too large. Questions of parents wondering if they could do it came up.

Then a Joyner coach for many years stood up. He is a proud dad who is involved in his children’s lives. He began to speak. He shared how coaching his OM team  and his own child gave him a chance to see his child in a different way. He shared the perspective that we all do as parents of how we see our role as guide giver, safe keeper and helper on their journey. But as an OM coach, he was able to see his child in a different way. He couldn’t give the answers. He didn’t offer warnings. He allowed them to explore and seek their own independent answers to the questions in safe learning environment. He spoke of that as a gift. This eased and inspired many parents that evening.

As parents, we watch our own children grow, we know that we begin to let go of some of our control and watch our children try out all the lessons we hope they have learned. And we wonder how they will do. What this dad shared, was a perspective that was beautifully put.

I believe that at school, teachers are given this opportunity so often. We see all the guidance you have given to your children. We see them try out those lessons. We see your children take risks and learn. We see them growing.

We are so thankful for the work that parents do. And even as children grow, they still need their parents’ guidance as well as schools’. I look forward to continue watching your children grow and learn to shine. I look forward to working together in helping our students reach new places!

Thank you, Joyner dad, for inspiring this adult once again with this reminder.