This past week we celebrated our Open House at Joyner. As I walked around the building, I reflected on how different our Open House looks in 2013 compared to years ago. The tradition of one teacher talking about the work that happens in that one classroom is no longer the norm. Teachers have reflected how to take it to the next place. We want to show how important and necessary our collaboration is to our teaching. So instead, some teams presented on the work of the team. All students become a part of one grade level that all teachers teach. Afterward, many teachers sat at the table with the parents having conversations. Questions of parents drive the presentation to match the needs.
I listened to common conversations about curriculum, assessment, and the teaching we do. I heard expectations that are set high. I enjoyed the connections that teachers offer to parents.
The next day, one of our teachers talked about how he just wanted to speak passionately about teaching and learning. He wanted that feel to come across more than anything. What a powerful statement!
It is our time to open our doors and speak directly to the parents.
School looks differently. Teaching and learning looks different, feels different, engages different. And so Open House is as well.
I thank those parents that keep coming out, even after the 13 years of attending Joyner’s Open Houses. I hope you found something new each time. I hope you met some new faces. And your presence still here means the world to the teachers who prepare for the night. And thank you to those who came for the first time. Welcome to this journey!