I am joining a brave new world of technology. I am on Twitter.

This all began as I reflected at the end of the school year. I felt proud that I had accomplished my first year at Joyner and enjoyed the practice of writing and reflecting each week on my blog. But I also felt discouraged that I was unable to highlight all that is great day in and day out at Joyner more often. I also want to find other ways to communicate with our community. So with the encouragement of my ever-present husband, I took the step into Twitter.

My goal with Twitter is as simple as this. I want everyone to know what excellence looks like in classrooms. I want our community and beyond to understand that Joyner is more than those big moments when we come together to race in a 5K or have nights of nonsense. Joyner is also incredible because day in and day out our teachers engage students in learning. Our students challenge and push us to be the best we can be. There is magic that happens in the classrooms all day. School is a busy place. There is no way to capture it all. But through my tweets, I want to try to celebrate as much as I can. I want to highlight to anyone that will listen that teachers do incredible work.

I am proud of the team that I work with at Joyner. And I know that in every building, teachers create magic for students. That is the gift of education. I am proud to be in a profession that impacts the future one child at a time.

So yes, please come visit my blog to read my reflections each week on Joyner and the work we are doing. But perhaps consider following me on twitter as well. My handle is @JoynerPrincipal. Take a brief moment each day to see what incredible work that happens in these walls and halls. Help me to celebrate the magic of teaching!