This year, all students at Joyner and schools around the state will be participating in a component of the Read to Achieve endeavor by the North Carolina General Assembly. This component is a formative and diagnostic assessment for literacy. All teachers will assess each individual student within the first four weeks of school. The tool we are using is mClass.

Imagine scheduling time to sit individually with your entire class while also setting the stage for a year of learning and expectations. I have been amazed at how our teachers have taken this opportunity and run with it. Time is being used creatively in order to find this individual time while still keeping engaged the rest of the class.  Teachers truly do perform magic.

At the end of these assessments, each student will have a current snapshot of their literacy knowledge at the start of the year. Parents will receive this information. Teachers will use this information to collaborate and design their instruction.

We are beginning this journey together as a team to achieve our ultimate goal of all students reading and growing. We value this time  as it is our hope that we can reach an even deeper understanding of where our students are in this journey.

Our teachers have always carried an incredible tool belt of strategies and knowledge in educating a child. This is one more item they can add to their belt. What makes our teachers at Joyner special is how well they have collaborated and processed this new tool into their constant goal of achievement for all.  

Thank you, teachers, for your work. Thank you, students, for your focus. Thank you, families, for your support. Together we will move forward for all students this year.