Our doors opened last night and the children’s voice rang, “HOORAY!”

Now that is the way to welcome everyone back! That is the energy we have been waiting and working for all week. Staff officially came back this past Friday. And on Monday we met together for our first official session together. It was a reflective time together as we truly reminded ourselves of what calls us back into the building each day. And sure enough, those happy voices we heard last night were the essential element of our work as educators.

Welcome back to a new school year! We will embark on our 60th school year at Joyner. We have so many new ideas to try. We have great traditions we will maintain. And we all continue to learn and support each other this year.

One of my goals this year is to continue to highlight all the great I see each day in classrooms. My blog will still hopefully capture my thoughts, reflections and reactions to what I see each day. I will also begin to use Twitter to send snapshots that I see. I want to help create a picture of what teaching and learning looks like at Joyner. I am proud of the teachers in this building. I am proud of what they do every day for children and their families.

Let’s begin. Let’s work together to create this world that is Joyner and beyond.