I just got off the phone with my mom as I sat down to write this blog. I asked her what should I write about this week? She immediately responded with the word “Patience”. I laughed and got off the phone with her and wondered why that word popped in her head. As I am writing this, she is preparing dinner for my kids as I had a last-minute second meeting pop up in one evening. How she saves me! Thank you! While she is doing all of this, she has my brother texting about something else. So she was in the midst of juggling… And her children are grown! Yes, mom, you have to be patient! Thank you for that reminder and model!

But then I turned to think about school. Our students are counting down the days. And this anticipation brings a level of emotion and excitement that is full of different reasons. Students are happy for a break. They are sad to leave teachers and friends. Endings can be tough. They are anticipating days without schedules. Some students aren’t sure what is to come as they move on to middle school.  All of these emotions come out of little kids in so many different ways.

Kids are still learning how to handle their emotions. We are there to help guide them and keep them focused. But anyone in education knows this is the time of year that we all ask ourselves for more patience. Teachers have lists and piles of paperwork to complete. Final events and programs and presentations are being completed. Parents are beginning to ask questions about next year. And our students are sitting in the middle of all of this.

So yes, breathe in and breathe out. We are all excited to celebrate a fantastic year, but let’s remember to be patient. And this begins with being patient with ourselves as we move through this excitement. We cannot do everything for everyone all of the time all at once. We have to maintain our focus and model for our students to enjoy our moments and learning together all the way to the end of the year. We have to be patient with ourselves and each other.

And remember that with all of this energy and emotion, it just again highlights the value we have in each other. I wish everyone a wonderful next few days.  Be patient… and enjoy all of the moments that will build us to the end of this successful year.