Birtha arrived at Joyner. Have you heard?… Or rather herd how we have been moooo’ved?

Let me share some background and why I celebrate this gift to Joyner. I received a call about a possible donation of a painted cow and would Joyner like to receive something like this. The donor had heard the story of Embree and wanted to celebrate this incredible child and her school by giving back.

What I know about Joyner is that family feel that we maintain. I laugh sometimes because families aren’t always perfect. And families make mistakes and sometimes family members can hurt each other. But at the end of the day, families love each other. And when something bad happens in the family, families are the ones that open their arms and love and accept above all else. And that is what I know about Joyner.

The story of how our children and community came together to support a family member touched and moved me. I have the opportunity to see these actions all of the time at Joyner. And to have a symbol of that love that our Joyner family gives to each other was one that I happily accepted on behalf of the school.

We now have a cow that will grace our lobby. And it is an incredibly beautiful cow with an incredible description of inspiration. The artist that created her wanted Birtha to “symbolize newness and expectation for what life’s challenges bring us. The overall representation Birtha brings us is refreshment and joy for life”.

I could not agree more that this gift of joy can remind us all that as a family we might face challenges but it is the gift of the Joyner family that helps us celebrate, stand tall and face all that comes to us.