We are ready. We are prepared. We have had so much fun learning this past year. It is time to again show off all that we know!

Often I am asked what can we do as parents to support our children and prepare them for these EOG tests. The words above are statements to share with your children as you begin to talk about this “big” testing time ahead. Also, I encourage you to ask your child how they are feeling about the test. Listen to what they share. Many students worry about their score and parental approval. Listen with your heart open and respond accordingly. These conversations can be more beneficial than any review worksheet you can give them.

On the week of EOG keep things normal. Go to bed at a normal time. Eat a healthy breakfast. AND most importantly, get to school on time. Children do best when they are able to come into the classroom and unpack and prepare for the day before that 8:30 bell rings. We will start testing soon after 8:30, so absolutely having students come in closer to 8:00 will help.

And finally, let them unwind after school. Play some games. Let them know just how proud you are of them and their effort in the work.

Thank you for your support throughout the year with your child’s learning. We only have a few more weeks to instill that learning before a summer break. Continue to read and talk about books. Continue to complete any homework. And continue to be that incredible support you are for them.