This morning our third graders presented their studies of different countries and locations of the world. Children created posters, presentations and visual displays. Families joined in on the fun. I enjoyed seeing families that brought their own family cultures to share with everyone. The energy was electric in the gym and walkway to the gym.

The incredible piece to this venture was that so many of our families came out to support our children. Again, I celebrate the efforts that our Joyner families give to including everyone as a part of our larger Joyner family. Parents happily listened to all children present. Siblings made a special effort to go watch their brothers and sisters. Classrooms of students and teachers came out. For 45 minutes, our third graders enjoyed another moment that makes Joyner so special. They were loved and supported by their community.

This week is Teacher Appreciation week. What an incredible opportunity for our families to tell our teachers how special they are to us! I want to thank all of our families for their support. Your involvement and presence in the lives of our students helps make this school so incredible.

You have made all of us at school feel overwhelmed with support. And your encouragement and kindness and expressions of appreciation have been accepted with grateful hearts. We love what we do at Joyner. And we do it everyday for the children of Joyner. But the fact that we have a community around us supporting us is an appreciated fact.