As we look forward to these next six weeks, our fifth graders begin to truly dig into their Exhibition projects. This action is tied to the work of the Primary Years Programme of IB. Through the years, our students build capacity for looking at their world and seeing themselves a true and active part of it. Our students feel empowered to learn and dig deeper to understanding different issues that are important to them.

So students have teamed up. Members of our faculty are mentors that tuck into corners with the groups to encourage their teams to dig deeper and look for solutions to their issues. The fifth grade is buzzing with excitement. I have enjoyed catching up with fifth graders to hear their level of excitement and learn new facts.

Meanwhile down the hall fourth graders are teaming up to create businesses. The teams move through the school seeking “investors” from various staff members. Students have to lay out their plan and be prepared to answer questions. I think I last have invested in a group of students who are prepared to get the coyotes out of my backyard! Incredible!

And this buzz continues across the grade levels. Even our Kindergarten students are learning about habitats and writing all the facts they have learned about different animals.

Again, I celebrate the learning of our students. And I have the privilege to walk the halls and enter classrooms and learning environments and see how our learning links us to each other. I see how the work our teachers in Kindergarten engage our students to build foundational skills that propel them towards that fifth grade culminating project of Exhibition.

Parents keep your ears open for the buzz of your students. And I look forward to June 6th when our fifth graders go on Exhibition to share this culmination of learning!