I am so surprised at how quickly this year is flying. But I was even more surprised when I was in a classroom right after Spring Break. A fifth grader was chatting with me about how quickly the spring was flying and before he knew it, the end of school would be here. He was sad and amazed that he would be going to middle school very soon. And I just was surprised to hear how grown this young man was to talk about time flying.

I don’t ever remember feeling like time flew or stood still when I was growing up. As I got older sure, exams started to creep up on me. But as a child, I never thought of it.

And then I talked with another parent today who shared how her fifth grader was making plans to come back and visit Joyner even after he left. I loved hearing how he told his mom how he was always going to be a part of Joyner.

Absolutely, this is the truth about the home we have at Joyner. I find at each of our big family events that I meet many Joyner alum. I love the fact that our students see Joyner as home and they still feel connected.

As my first year at Joyner continues to fly by, I must express my deep gratitude again to the community for the gifts they give our children and staff in helping us create the community that we are! Time sure does fly when we are having fun!