Last night I had the privilege to sit at the School Board meeting receiving the recognition of Joyner being recognized as a Magnet School of Distinction. As I listened and celebrated the schools around me as well, I considered how just this week we have so much to celebrate at Joyner.

This past weekend our school had TWO teams represented at the state level tournament for OM. We are so proud of all of our students who put timeless amounts of energy and passion into OM. And it truly is a work through time to see how we had TWO teams move forward from the regional competition. Our students showed very well! I am so impressed at how closely the competition ended. And even more inspired to hear from parents how proud they are of their behavior and positive spirit last Saturday representing Joyner.

This Friday, Joyner again will be recognized by the Advocates for Health in Action with the Brains and Body Award. Our school received the silver level and will share at the celebration some of the many things our school does for student health.

What wonderful ways Joyner is being honored this week! It is truly an honor to work with such incredible staff and students who create the learning environment at school. It is truly an honor to work with the families and community around Joyner who support and help and work tirelessly to creating learning and support for our students. Congratulations Joyner Family!