Things are trying to bloom. Pollen is hinting at my nose. And there is a huge buzz in the air at school at this moment. Today is the last day before our students get a break. And I am looking forward to a short bit without evening functions especially myself.

I have a pile of new books that I recently purchased on our family’s trek to our favorite book fair in Virginia. Plus, my daughter and I are reading Maniac Magee together and are nearing the end with tears and sniffles. On my night stand, I bounce between this great non-fiction read and (yes, be surprised those that are learning about me) another fictional book taking place in the far north Canada.

I look forward to these moments that I can settle in without as much guilt to read. I hope for all of you to enjoy some moments together with your children and families in the next few days. Try curling up with a good book with your youngest reader or teaching your newly independent reader the joy of time to relax with a good book.

P.S. Speaking of Reading: I have to share an awesome blog of someone close to me. This links to a book club for boys. They are currently in the midst of their Books and Basketball Bracket tournament. This is a great link for book ideas  for some of our more independent readers. And I love the idea of fun with books and March Madness! Even the books’ authors are getting into it!

Have a great break everyone! See you in April!