Last Friday, our third graders shared a project that had just completed. Parents had come in to celebrate with them. Other grade level students visited as well. The buzz was wonderful. After the students presented, they reflected on their work and problem solved how to improve or add on. Ms. Rosen was speaking to her group as I walked in. She was coaching the students on how to look for support and help when working on projects. A mom who was still in the classroom asked to speak.

This mom pointed out that she understood that many parents worked. She shared that often she works and is unable to come in and volunteer all the time. But she wanted the students to understand that anytime a parent walked in to volunteer, they came for the whole class. She encouraged the students to always seek help from anyone in the classroom. She reminded the students that all parents came to help all students.

I walked up after she spoke to thank her. I am continually amazed at the work our parents offer all of our students. Anytime I speak with different committees in the PTA, they make every effort to point out their work is for all students at Joyner. And I am so grateful to the many troops of volunteers that give so much. Parents who come weekly to sit and read with students, parents who work in the JAG office, parents who meet multiple evenings coaching OM, parents who send in supplies, parents who send thank you notes to teachers encouraging their work, parents who coordinate incredible events and parents who high five kids in the hallways as they are welcomed to their day. Each parent and volunteer and supporter of our students is incredible.

Thank you! And thank you for helping make a positive difference in the lives of all Joyner students.