The Joyner 5K was this past weekend. What an event! I loved that my family joined me in this Joyner family event. In reflecting on the running experience, I keep going back to the cheering and positive energy everyone shared with each other. Parents were parents to all kids. Every adult out there felt inspired and wanted to motivate all of the students to accomplish the goal of the race. The students of all sizes cheered each other on. They received motivation from everyone around them. It truly was a family event.

And I laugh at my mom moments throughout. I stuffed extra bandaids into the jogging stroller just in case. One of my students stopped me along the way asking for a tissue. She told me that she knew she could count on me since I was a mom and all. I stopped along the way and with the help of a dad assisted a baby snake to make his way across the path so not to be terrorized or be terrorizing.

I left with a great feeling of pride for Joyner and the interactions I experienced. And then came another mom moment when my own little one climbed into my lap that evening and was burning to touch.  The juggling ensued for what to do Monday morning. Up all night I sat with him, comforting and being there. The next morning I found good hands for him to be held in while I made my way to my other 700 plus children.

And as I drove, I did have that torn feeling. I have often joked when students ask me how many children I have. I always tell them the exact number of students at Joyner at the moment plus 2. I point out that I only feed 2 at dinner but the rest lunch and some even breakfast. I could not walk through the doors of Joyner to do my job without having this belief that I come for the children and staff. It is my goal to work with all families to ensure student success.

And like most moms, I am not perfect and make mistakes. I can’t do it all, even though I want to. But I keep in my heart that my decisions and intentions shall always remain on the students. My work is for kids. It might be the mom in me, it might be the educator. I’d like to think it is both.

Thank you to everyone in the Joyner family for their support and efforts for all students! The 5K is only one example of how well we can come together and how well we can cheer for each other.