A few weeks ago someone sent to me the picture of window washers at a children’s hospital dressed as super heroes. Apparently for a week or so, these actions occurred all over the country making national news. These were simple creative acts that touched the lives of so many children looking for smiles. What an incredibly simple thing to do that drew national attention! Even today, I pull up one of the many pictures and am moved by the spirit of these window washers.
The more often we send out positive messages the more hope we can find. I have enjoyed these last few weeks of our healthy choice marathon. Students have been encouraged to make healthier choices. These healthy choices are not just in the form of exercise but simple food choices and making time to read, simple acts that make us happy and healthier. Our staff has also been involved in the marathon. Each Tuesday members of our staff have walked or run after-school. I have been so appreciative of the teachers that have even come by my office to try to coax me out to walk. On Wednesdays we have been offered food for our mind. Healthy ideas to help bring us focused on positive choices. Parents and members of our community have taken their time to share with us positive and healthy ideas to make us grow.
All of these are simple positive choices that we make. The spirit in our school is positive and excited for healthier living. Everyone is buzzing about the 5K on Sunday. We might not be walking around dressed as super heroes, but we are trying to find small ways to be happier and healthier. We are trying to help our children see that very simply, we can find ways to smile and share joy. And one way to do that is to take care of ourselves.
I look forward to seeing many of you out enjoying life on Sunday afternoon at our 5K. Please don’t mind my red cheeks and loss of breath! And I hope that many more find ways to make small healthy choices that make your life happier.