At the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, there are signs that I have always loved. As you walk into their indoor nature area rather than placing placards to not walk in the natural areas, they list a pile of adjectives for the word walk. So the sign says something like, Please do not mosey, meander, trot, step, etc. in the natural area. Another sign to request no eating will say, please refrain from snacking, munching, chewing, nibbling, etc. How creative!
As I look out my window, I am watching Ms. Arch’s fifth grade class prepare to play the Beach Ball Bop Challenge for this week’s healthy choice marathon. As Ms. Arch battles blowing up the beach ball, her students mill around. I think of those signs because yes, the students are just not standing. They are milling, fluttering, hopping, wiggling, giggling, and forever moving. The energy they give off is incredible. Eventually the beach ball is filled and the students began to play the Bop.
This makes me think how our students are constantly adjectives at work. Children do not walk the hallways, they sneak, wander, flash, skip, slide, twist and dance to wherever they go. While in class, they do not just sit and listen, they engage, question, wonder, wander, explore, experiment, zone out, tune in, participate, hide.
Children are incredible gifts to adjectives. They live with such energy and intensity. They are honest to each emotion they feel. I love our school because I believe our teachers allow our students to be fully themselves. I love the community that we have created that makes it safe to be a child. I love walking the halls and classrooms seeing the multiple adjectives overflowing from each individual child.
I look out the window again, Ms. Arch’s class together cheer for their accomplishments in the Beach Ball Bop. What an incredible story to watch. Looking at a group of fifth graders working as a team to accomplish a goal. Ms. Arch hops and bops with them. What great motion they do together! They are absolutely adjectives at work!