Monday morning I found myself on the JYJ news. I went to the “newsroom” early to find where I was to be in order to draw teacher names for some Hurricane Tickets that were given for their Teacher Appreciation Night.
What a buzz going on! It felt like Ms. Yale and Ms. Kreigsman were speaking a foreign language to the students. And the students replied, responded and understood. The efficiency they handled change when I walked into the room was incredible. A group of multi-age children were sitting preparing to read their stories. The students who work the behind the scenes magic were quickly adding my part to the screen shot. Their technical skills were amazing to me.
As I sat down next to the anchors for the news that morning, I expressed to them how impressed I was. They just grinned and probably didn’t see anything unusual.
I can’t help think about this daily feed that our students have to real world experience through participating behind the scenes in creating the news to seeing it stream live into their classrooms every morning. What an incredible real world experience! Do I think that all students who participate in the news will become our next news anchors in real life? Maybe and maybe not. But the skills they are practicing to think quickly, handle change, learn how to improvise are incredible.
Every morning, I see another way that our staff creates opportunities for 21st century skill learning.
If you have the chance, stop by for the news one morning. You too can be impressed by this student driven action!