Cold weather makes it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. That has ALWAYS been my struggle. All spring, summer and fall I jump up ready, maybe go for a run, get the kids moving and have no problem. BUT this weather this week makes me want to tuck in and keep warm! So I found it appropriate that our professional development yesterday during the workday focused on motivation. We began as a staff talking about our motivations.

Quickly our conversation moved to students. The presenters, Ms. Pelletier and Mr. Fotta, did a fantastic job sharing research as well as real life examples. They created videos of our students speaking to their teachers about what motivates them. The students gave advice to the teachers. What a powerful moment to sit in a room of teachers and have the students share directly what motivates them. Time and again students talked about relationship. When they highlighted a teacher from their past, they talked about how the teacher cared. Teachers were moved, touched and reflective.

Hearing our students speak to us directly is motivating. It makes me want to jump up and respond. It always reminds me how important those relationships we build as a whole family is key. Connecting and communicating with teachers is so important. Be open to share concerns and be open to listen to what teachers see at school. I want for us all to continue to look for ways to build our relationships.

Tomorrow night is Joyner Give Back Night. This is yet another way to build the community that is Joyner. It is a way for us to model to our students what caring can look like. It is a way for us to show why we do the work we do. And hopefully our students will see motivation in this.

I encourage you to talk with your students about what motivates them. I was encouraged to do that last night. To listen and allow my own child to speak directly to the subject is important. You might find out some interesting things. Time with you might mean more than that ice cream treat.  Listen.

Your children and the staff at Joyner motivate me everyday. And I am so thankful to yesterday’s meeting because this morning, I denied that cold and jumped up ready!