Today I began the Hutchinson Huddles. Ms. Taylor started her Taylor Talks. These are the brainchild from a conversation I had in my administrative professional learning team about finding opportunities to sit down and really talk with students. I find that I have opportunities for teachers to come and talk about ideas for Joyner. Parents have been great at connecting with me as well. But the element I was missing was a firm foundation for student input on Joyner.

So after bringing this up to my team, we decided we would start these weekly meetings. Every Monday after my PLT, Ms. Taylor and I blindly will select two students from each class on a particular grade level. Our plan is to bring the invitation to the student to let them know they are invited to these meetings. On Wednesday morning at 8:20, they show up and participate in Hutchinson’s Huddle or Taylor’s Talk.

We began with the leaders, fifth grade this week. The buzz Monday afternoon was fun. Are we in trouble? the students kept asking. Slowly they caught on that they were getting an audience with the administrators. When I saw down with the excited group this morning, the first thing I did was tell them they were the first and what they had to say was important to me to hear.

I want this chance to meet with students to listen. Listen to what they love about Joyner. Listen to what they would like to see changed. Each grade level will bring a different perspective. Each grade level will have a different influence and want and need. But each child selected will be a randomly selected child to share their insight.

At the end of my 25 minutes this morning, I encouraged the students to continue to share with me their ideas when they have them. My hope is that this can become just another part of the culture of Joyner. I look forward to my conversations this year and learning even more about my students from them!