As everyone around me, I too cannot believe we are looking at 2013 on our calendar. Where has time flown?

As I walked through classrooms today, I heard so much talk about resolutions, promises, goals, and dreams for the year. It has been amazing to hear the different ways teachers guide our students to take a moment to reflect on their past and point to their future with focus.

In fifth grade, they are burying excuses. The honest conversation that the students were having in Ms. Bell’s room about what gets in their way of their own success was incredible. She then spoke to the students about setting a goal and writing the steps to achieve it.

In Ms. Pelletier’s room, they have begun to consider what they wished for. Students were at different places in reflecting on what they can do for themselves and how it impacts others.

In Kindergarten, I heard them using the word promises instead of resolutions.

Everywhere I seemed to turn today, our students were looking ahead and the teachers were by their side to guide them.

As educators, we have two “new year” moments… we celebrate with everyone else as a new year comes in, but we also begin in August each year looking at our new students and the promise they have. We spend our year focusing on our work with these individuals and pushing our resolve to see them grow.

This is my favorite time of year with students. At this point, teachers know their learners well. Relationships are built and a safe structure to learn has been created. I am always amazed at the ton that gets done in these next few months.

Hold on tight. We are kicking our learning up!  I look forward to seeing goals met, dreams filled and promises kept!