I struggle to begin this blog and reflect on the events of the past week. My emotions and sorrow have been incredible. As a parent, I have wrestled with my response to my own children. And as a leader of so many children and staff, I am even more moved to reflection.

Something I read to help our children to move forward is to consider ways to do for others, to do a positive act to send forward into the world. Being an International Baccalaureate school, we often encourage our students to put their words into action. We have different grade levels that have already done some service projects this year. This past Friday morning, our second grade students were visiting a local older adult care center performing their incredible music.

This week ends with an Early Release for our students. This is then a time for our staff to do professional development. Part of our time will be another field trip. Through our work with the Essential Standards in Social Studies, we are focusing on primary sources. So in that conversation we will be visiting a community of seniors to talk and share and listen. It will be our time to give back to our community and spend time building a community with those that live down the street.

It is my hope that our teachers will then have some time to build their hope and build their sense of giving forward to others in a time with so much sorrow.

I encourage all of the families to consider ways to empower your children to offer hope to others and to give forward. Through these acts, we can find a sense of assurance of the goodness that we can find in the world and give to the world.

Thank you for sharing your incredible children with us each day. They provide the staff such hope and joy in their interactions in learning and living!