There are weeks when I sit down to write this blog that I look at the computer screen and believe I catch a sliver of what writers feel when they are stumped. I look around for inspiration. Usually I have made notes to myself at different points of the week that strike me as something to blog. But then there are those moments I need to just go for a walk into classrooms and see the students and let them inspire me.

So today, I went to Kindergarten. These are our newest writers, and the classrooms have started to really dive into Writers Workshop. This is an instructional tool that our teachers use school wide to create a time and space to teach writing. Teachers generally give a mini-lesson to focus students on a specific strategy or skill. Then students move to the workshop time. They pick up where they left off the day before on the selection they are working on. Teachers then conference with individual students offering feedback and input. Many of the students take the mini-lesson idea and implement it directly into their writing. One of the terms you hear in all classrooms, students are called writers.

I walked into Ms. Wilkinson’s room and entered at the perfect time. Ms. Wilkinson was telling the students in the mini-lesson that good writers write about what is important to them. Perfect! Good advice! Thank you, Ms. Wilkinson. And then the students shared with me stories about decorating trees, walking their dogs, going to the book fair. One student worked on his story about liking to take walks with his dad. Thank you kindergarten students! You continue to amaze me with your straight to the heart, honest view of the world.

So I will try to remember this, Ms. Wilkinson. I will continue to write about what is important to me. I will need reminders some days and that is why I will probably be back to visit often. And thank you to all of our teachers as they continue to encourage our students to become writers.