This morning I attended our School Improvement Committee meeting. School Improvement is a process guided by our state to focus schools in reflecting on how we are doing in the areas of academics, teacher recruitment and retention and community involvement. We do a lot of data collecting and digging to build a sense of where our school is and then talk about where we want to grow. We have a School Improvement Plan that is written and guides many of the decisions we make as a school. The School Improvement Leadership Team is the acting body that collects ongoing data towards our goals. This team is composed of staff members from every grade level and area as well as parent representatives.

This morning was our first quarterly data review. We charted our progress, talked about next steps, etc. The team was involved in conversations and parents included were offering ideas and suggestions. As the principal, I keep an entire data notebook watching our progress of student achievement. In the end, there are a LOT of numbers.

But there is something that I often tell the teachers as they talk about student data at their weekly Professional Learning Team meetings, it is not just the data that we seek. It is the conversation of what we want to do next for students. And this morning, again, Ms. Taylor took it one step further to clarify to everyone, all of these numbers represent our students. And truly all of the work that we do is for individual students.

How lovely to be reminded and to continually keep our focus of success not on numbers but students. And I am proud to work with a team of educators that keep that in mind. When we meet to talk about support, we want to look at as much of the big picture as possible. We have classroom teachers, counselors, intervention folks, special education teachers, a social worker, instructional experts all sitting around the table together continually reflecting on how we can meet the needs of our students.

And when we celebrate our success, it is the success of our students that we celebrate. It truly is a group effort. Thank you to our School Improvement Team, and to all that are involved in each of our children’s successes!