Can it really be one week before Thanksgiving??? Really? Pinch me. Surely I am still in September and someone just changed my calendar without my knowing! How does time fly so quickly? I turned the page of my weekly calendar and sure enough, there looking back up at me is Thanksgiving week next week. Just having celebrated Veterans Day, I suppose it is time.

I truly cannot begin to list the many things I am thankful for this year.  I cannot believe the incredible students I get to serve every day. These students who brighten our purpose as educators. These students who drive us with their questions and curiosity. These students who demand knowledge. These students who bring an energy and delight in our every day moments. These students I am most grateful for.

And I am so thankful for the staff. I love to serve the staff at Joyner. They push me to be better. They drive me. I keep my expectations so high for our students, and the teachers and teaching assistants run past me with their energy and motivation. The activity and buzz in this building is directed by these incredible folks. The teachers at this school give their heart to their craft and their students. I am amazed and encouraged and inspired at the real moments I see everyday the adults in this building and students connecting and laughing and learning.

And I am thankful for the community that I work with. Parents who give of themselves in time and effort and love and support. Parents who smile every day. Parents who share their worries. Parents who celebrate. Parents who encourage. Parents who are there at night helping figure out the mysteries of learning. Parents who go to the library to find a new book. Parents who are just hugging tight these little ones. Thank you for all that you do for our community of learning!

As I mentioned, how could I list it all out? I am glad that I have more than a day to give thanks for being at Joyner and being present with the people around me. So one week early, I say Happy Thanksgiving. Thank YOU to all who make Joyner what it is. Thank you for your commitment.

May you  have a great week before Thanksgiving!