I received my first “comment” on this blog. It was really positive. And for that, I say thank you. This is my first experience in creating digital material in this way. It was really my husband that encouraged me to try it. As a teacher, he has always stayed at the forefront of digital media and uses in the classroom. He has guest blogged on different sites in regards to one of his passions, Kid Lit. He has a focus and is driven to infuse technology in his world. I, on the other hand, haven’t.

I have always been proud to see how well educators engage our students in this 21st century skill. Our students are always at the frontlines in learning and playing with technology. But I have not. So I am always still learning. I run slightly behind trying to keep up with what is new. So learning to blog is a process.

I reflect weekly on this opportunity to write. I still am honing in on my purpose. I enjoy taking the moments though to communicate about my school. I enjoy stopping in the midst of the action to consider what should I highlight or reflect on.

At the end of the last week, I spoke with my fifth grade leaders in the school about an issue that came up. I talked with them about pride. I shared how proud I am of Joyner. They too lifted their chests and in full agreement responded with their pride as well.

I suppose I find myself looking for those proud moments to share. But also I want to reflect on our purpose at Joyner. So I will continue to practice this new art of mine in writing. And I thank you again for the support those that take the time to read this give.